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When buying real property you must demand
fee simple marketable title. Fee simple title is clear title,which is
“clear”of any liens.

The question is what is clear title and how
do you get it. If the seller cannot give you fee simple title DO NOT

Fee simple title is a legal description for
the highest and best title available for real property. Only when title is held
in fee simple can a clear title be granted. Although buyers accept less than
fee simple it is NOT recommended.

A title company or an attorney often
discovers title “clouds” or defects in preliminary title searches.  Clouds can include unpaid liens or judgments,
encroachments,easements and other situations that need clarification. Some
clouds may pass with the title.

Title companies search the public record to
determine that the chain of title has not been broken or violated. The public
record includes deed books,estates,recorded plats and judgment records. A
visit to the registrar of deeds office is both enlightening and educational.

If the chain of title can be perfected,
title insurance may be issued to protect you from any claim against the
property in the future. Title insurance is your guarantee of clear title. If a
mortgage is involved in your transaction,the lender will require a title
search and a lender’s policy will be issued. If you buy real estate demand fee
simple title and title insurance no exceptions. IT MUST BE PERFECT!

Whether you’re
thinking about buying or selling or seeking information,rely on RE/MAX Best
Associates 800-391-BEST(2378) or 913-345-BEST(2378) to provide accurate up to
date information about the marketplace today.

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