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 Can you imagine renting a car and trying
to drive without a license or any instruction? Driving a car takes many hours
of experience and training.  If you drive a “stick shift” car,do you
remember the first time you tried it?

Selling or buying a home can be a daunting
project if attempted without some instruction. You can place a for sale sign in
your yard and or drive by neighborhoods and stop in to open houses just as
easily as jumping in a car,starting the engine and driving off. The results
however may be ultimately as tragic.

Just as we need a understanding of how to
drive a car BEFORE we drive and an awareness of the laws that govern operating
a motor vehicle,buying or selling a home requires a broad spectrum of
knowledge. Before offering a property for sale,it is necessary to establish a
fair price. Correct pricing involves a thorough search and analysis of all
recently sold and active (on the market) properties in the subject area.

After price is established a marketing plan
is implemented. Buying groups are identified,and then target direct mail
pieces are sent to these prospects. Attempting to sell a home without a
marketing plan is similar to a driving a car without instruction. Buying a home
without assistance may be potentially as foolhardy.

Expertise in financing,contracts,closing
costs,taxation,surveying,database searches and negotiating are a few of the
necessary skills required to successfully buy or sell your home. The knowledge,
training and experience required to sell your home in the shortest amount of
time,for the most money and with as little hassle to you as possible requires
lots of practice. The question of how much can I save by doing it myself may be
better stated as how much can you bear to lose.  

Whether you’re thinking about buying or selling
or seeking information,rely on RE/MAX Best Associates 800-391-BEST(2378) or
913-345-BEST(2378) to provide accurate up to date information about the

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