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Have you watched a western recently? Every wagon train had a scout who rides ahead of the party to determine the  safest route and the best ways to avoid danger. The scout was always characterized as a born on the trail type and could wrestle with rattlesnakes and shoot better and straighter than your average cowboy. Most importantly the  scout knew every nook and cranny of the territory as well as its customs and idiosyncrasies.

Buying or selling a house may appear to be a relatively simple task. In reality buying or selling real property is a complex process. According to statistics the average American buys or sells their residence on average about every five to ten years. It seems every year the process becomes more complex.

Most of America’s net worth lies in the equity in our homes. It is your Best Associates’  job to safeguard your equity if you intend to sell and justify what you are willing to pay if you intend to buy.

Best Associates understand the territory. Consider for a moment a few of the steps required in selling your home. First you must determine value. Where do you find the data? Sure you can head down to the courthouse and spend the day researching recently sold and active properties similar to the one you are buying or planning to sell.

Best Associates have the data at their fingertips. What about things like zoning,disclosure,taxes,inspections,easements,title insurance,earnest deposits,qualifications ratios,radon,surveys,homes association declarations and deed restrictions,marketing plans,advertising,internet marketing,buyer’s agents,dual agents,designated agents,negotiating and last but not least legally binding contract forms. If you like most people you haven’t bought or sold property in years.

Consider your Best Associate your scout,They will find the BEST trail for you.

Whether you’re thinking about buying or selling or seeking information,rely on RE/MAX Best Associates 800-391-BEST(2378) or 913-345-2378 to provide accurate up to date information about the marketplace email   or visit


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