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The only thing worse than an abandoned,overgrown and vacant property with foot tall grass and old newspapers littering its driveway is two abandoned,overgrown and vacant properties or three or more. The Kansas City metro area recently topped Forbes magazine’s list of America’s Abandoned Cities.

Take heart fellow Kansas Citians –according to Forbes,San Francisco is the second most most abandoned city and Tucson,Arizona is number three. If you have ever had an unkempt house in your neighborhood,you know you would do almost anything to improve its state. Abandoned and foreclosed real estate attracts vandalism,vermin and worse – they lower the value of every nearby property.

Although I am not sure how the program would work within Missouri’s statutory right of redemption – according to the Kansas City Star editorial –the proposed Kansas City ordinance would allow the city to appoint a receiver for an abandoned property. The receiver could do what they want with the property. They could tear it down,repair it or sell it if the owner refused to act.

The rub is apparently some neighborhood advocates want only non-profit CDC’s (Community Development Corporations) to be eligible for receiverships. Seems to me it only makes sense to encourage the use of private capital to fight the blight in Kansas City. Any group qualified,whether non-profit or for profit should be allowed to aggressively pursue receiverships and the sooner the better. Have an opinion on this subject?

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