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Lights out for Kansas City Deer in Shawnee Mission Park Soon

There is just something majestic about deer. Perhaps it’s memories of our youth and dreams of Donner and Bliztzen carrying their ever so important cargo. BTW what is the difference between a reindeer and a regular deer? Put away your thoughts of Comet and Rudolf for a moment if you read the rest of this post.

Beginning as early as this Friday and continuing until November 30th the killing of deer in Shawnee Mission park will commence. I had heard that the shooters/killers were to use bow and arrow but according to a Kansas City Star article,the shooters will use ‘sound’suppressed rifles. Does that mean Cupid and Vixen will not hear when Dancer and Prancer are shot?  

I don’t know about you but I really enjoyed setting out for the park a little before dusk and enjoying the docile creatures getting ready to bed down for the night. Back to reality…apparently …all shots will be taken at short range and the deer will be baited to a secluded area of the park where all shots fired will be directed toward the interior of the park.

According to the Star article,the park district wants the deer population (try not to think to think Cupid and Dasher here) to be reduced to 50 deer per square mile. Wildlife experts estimate there are currently about 200 deer per square mile in the park. The park is 3.5 square miles. Yikes do the math,that is 525 deer,right? 525 times say an average of 50 pounds per Donner,I mean reindeer,I mean deer is 26,250 pounds or over 13 tons of meat.  

What is done with all the meat? Can’t we at least feed the meat to the needy or have a huge barbeque or a free venison give away? I’ve had venison before and I do not remember it as remarkable but it is supposed to be lean (or is that Bison) and I think it tastes like chicken (or is that rattlesnake).

Owners of nearby real estate received letters from the park district this week and were assured that the work by the reindeer killers/shooters would be done safely. I am not a dog owner but if you live nearby you’d be well advised to keep your dogs inside beginning this Friday and thru November 30th.








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  • Other variant is possible also

  • Scott Carmody

    Too bad there is no easy way to move the extra deer.

    Many years ago the Forrest Service tallied up the totals for the deer population outside of a national park in CA. The determination was that several thousand deer needed to be “culled”or else the deer would be overpopulated and starve to death in the winter snow. So the “culling”of the deer commenced,and the Forrest Service was surprised how hard it was to find all the deer to “cull”. They finally achieved their goal (using helicopters and airplanes) and disaster was averted. The only problem was that the person who was responsible for doing the math somehow forgot to carry a decimal point (or was just lousy at math) and it was later determined that almost the entire deer population was wiped out in the area as a result. Oops! Locals say it took 20 years for the deer herds to reappear.

  • ALWAYS remember to take a good map and compass. Take note of the area and where your heading. Try not to get lost!

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