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Step Out of Line in Kansas and You'll Save?

Johnson County Kansas DMV Kansas CityYou read it right,you may now step out of line at the Johnson County DMV’s (Department of Motor Vehicles) by reserving your place in line on the Internet. The Johnson County system,according to Qless, is the only motor vehicle office in country with an online reservation system. The only system close according to the KC Star article is one in New Hampshire but it does not text messages to users.

Here is how it works:Go to the DMV site – look for GET in LINE at DMW then click on the city link you plan to visit (782 N. Ridgeview Road in Olathe or Mission at 6000 Lamar),click on YES to agree to the terms of use,choose your language and you will be told how long the estimated wait is then enter your cell number,click Next and your place in line is secure. You may then click continue and you will be sent to a printable confirmation page.I tested the system and my wait time was initially 9 minutes at 7:30 when the Mission office opened this morning. I received my first text message almost immediately after entering my cell number then another three minutes later,then another three minutes later which suggested I should think about returning to the DMV office. The next text said,“Sorry,we still haven’t heard back from you,so we had to give your spot to someone else. You have nine hours to rejoin the front of the line – reply with “J”.The system is available during business hours which are 7:30 to 4:30 Monday through Friday excluding holidays. According to the Star article,officials from the DMV say the system will ease the pain of waits up to 2 hours when renewals are due at the end of each month.

Kudos to Johnson County!!

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