According to an article in the Kansas City Business Journal Kansas City is lagging behind in the transition to a new global economy.  This news is dissapointing as it adds nothing to the Kansas City outlook to the future.  We have been folowing the new NBAF facility coming to Manhattan Kansas for some time.  If this area does not keep up with the national scene how are we to be expected to keep the NBAF.  Much news regarding the NBAF recently has not been positive.  While we know Manhattan is a couple of hours west of Kansas City the ripple effect of jobs and sevices will surely be felt if we don’t retain the NBAF to the miswest.  Some controversy follows the NBAF, but what controvery does not follow any project that might be just a bit on the political side.  Lets make sure we decide to do the right thing, not whats best for politics.

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  1. Bill McKellar:

    The NC Research Triangle decidedly said “no thanks” to NBAF.

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