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The Roasterie in Kansas City brews $5M expansion plans for factory,event space

From the Kansas City Business Journal website dated:June 2,2011

Danny O’Neill is flying high about his Kansas City coffee factory’s roughly $5 million expansion project.

And that’s not just because The Roasterie Inc.bizWatch The Roasterie Inc. Follow this company ’s factory will have a new,larger entrance,an expanded cafe and event space across the street. The renovated space at 1204 W. 27th St. will have a full DC-3 airplane mounted out front,in line with the company’s logo. (Last year,The Roasterie did a rebranding that included adding a large DC-3 airplane mural off Interstate 35 near Downtown proclaiming the new tag line:“Live Life on the Rim!”)

“We just want to make a real statement,” said O’Neill,the company’s founder. “We want it to be kind of like,‘Wow,this is one of the top five things to do in Kansas City.’”

O’Neill was looking for a way to expand after daily tours started to overwhelm the factory and the list of changes to make kept growing. With about 33 people at the factory,space was getting tight.

“We’re finding out lots of ways to do more with less,” he said. “We’re becoming a lot more efficient.”

He originally eyed the Folgers plant at 701 Broadway,which is set to shut its doors next year,but an alternative presented itself when the property across the street from his current plant became available.

“It just opened up all kinds of opportunities,” O’Neill said.

The time was right for the company,which he said has experienced 30 percent revenue growth from 2010. O’Neill projects more than $10 million in sales this year.

He intends to turn the new property,which includes three separate buildings totaling 50,000 square feet,into an event space that he hopes will be perfect for weddings,as well as provide new parking for the factory and events. The roughly $3.5 million project should be completed by the end of the year.

A separate factory renovation will cost about $1.5 million and wrap up by the fall,O’Neill said. It will provide an expanded cafe,a larger cuppery,a nicer entrance and loading docks moved to the back of the building,adding about 2,000 square feet to the already 34,000-square-foot property.

And O’Neill is in no rush if project timetables expand.

“We’re comfortable,” he said. “We’re doing it right.”

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