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The Roasterie in Kansas City brews $5M expansion plans for factory,event space

From the Kansas City Business Journal website dated:June 2,2011

Danny O’Neill is flying high about his Kansas City coffee factory’s roughly $5 million expansion project.

And that’s not just because The Roasterie Inc. The Roasterie Inc. Follow this company ’s factory will have a new,larger entrance,an expanded cafe and event space […]

1st Quarter 2011 Commercial real estate results for our Kansas City clients

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Economic Environment

The best news about the economy during first quarter 2011 was that the unemployment rate ended the quarter at 8.8 percent,down from 9.4 percent at the end of fourth quarter 2010,according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Payroll began to increase […]

4th Quarter Commercial real estate results for Kansas City clients

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Economic Environment

The U.S. economy ended 2010 with a real GDP growth rate of 2.9 percent,slightly higher than the 2.6 percent growth in 2009,according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA). Although economic growth was more sluggish than any of us hoped for the […]

Vineyard Real Estate Makes Twitter-Wine for Literacy Charity!

What started as team building activity at Twitter may someday become “the largest social wine making project in history” according to Crushpad founder Michael Brill. A Pinot Noir and Chardonnay will be released in the summer of 2010. […]

Step Out of Line in Kansas and You'll Save?

Here is how it works:Go to the DMV site – look for GET in LINE at DMW then click on the city link you plan to visit (782 N. Ridgeview Road in Olathe or Mission at 6000 Lamar),click on YES……[…]

Connecting to Kansas City's 'Net'Generation.

In their book,Connecting to the Net.Generation,Reynol Junco and Jeanna Mastrodicasa found in a survey of 7,705 college students in the US:• 97% own a computer • 94% own a cell phone • 76% use Instant Messaging and social networking sites. • 15% of IM users are logged on 24 hours […]

Lights out for Kansas City Deer in Shawnee Mission Park Soon

Beginning as early as this Friday and continuing until November 30th the killing of deer in Shawnee Mission park will commence […]

Kansas City's Economic Heart May be Moving to Johnson County,Kansas

“…employment in Johnson County exploded 70.7% from 1990 to 2008 compared to Jackson Counties’scant growth of 2.3% job growth. In the Star article Doug Davidson,president of CERI,said “Johnson County is a desirable place to live and raise a family.” “It has great school systems. Its adult population is one of the most highly educated in the nation. Employers that want highly educated workers are attracted to Johnson County.” […]

Kansas City Youth Covers a lot of Real Estate!

It's NOT all about Winning

Benton High School (St. Joseph,Missouri) freshman football player Matt Ziesel was all smiles at the attention on his touchdown run on Monday evening in St. Joseph. Ziesel,who has Down’s Syndrome,ran for a score and a video on YouTube is turning Matt into a celebrity. […]

The Good,Bad (not so bad),and the Ugly in Kansas City

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Consumer Confidence

The confidence of the American consumer regarding near-term and longer-term expectations rose sharply in August,following less-than-exciting data the prior two months. A more confident consumer is a key to longer-term U.S. economic performance as consumer spending still represents two-thirds of all U.S. […]