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Sky Stations at Bartle Hall

The Bartle Hall Convention Center (often referred to as the “Kansas City Convention Center”or simply Bartle Hall) is a major expository pavilion in downtown Kansas City,Missouri,USA. It is named for Harold Roe Bartle,a prominent,two-term mayor of Kansas City in the 1950s and early 1960s. Bartle Hall’s four tall art deco pylons are a highly noticeable fixture in the Kansas City skyline. The exhibition hall is just one of the city’s multifaceted structures dedicated to meetings and conventions,sports and entertainment.

The Bartle Hall Pylons rest atop the Bartle Hall Convention Center in Kansas City,Missouri,USA. Without a doubt,they are the most unusual part of the Kansas City skyline. Constructed in 1994,they are made of aluminum and steel. Each Pylon,or “Sky Stations”as they are also called,are 24-feet by 15-feet in diameter,and 200-feet in height. They were molded after the 1930s Art Deco theme throughout the city,by R.M. Fischer,and were placed atop each pillar via helicopter.